A Man who Loved Kung Fu, Nation and Family

by Anton David Lee
(Cirebon , west Java , Indonesia)

I had known Bruce Lee for a long time. Since I was a kid. I had thought he was only a Hongkong super movie star, but I was wrong. Last week (from the time I am writing this story), I borrowed a film called The Legend of Bruce Lee. Directed by Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee. I started with the first episode, on and on, and I could not stop watching it. Even i had to sleep at 3 am everyday and I had to go to the office at 8 in the morning. I loved that film so much

In that film, I could feel the true and undying spirit of a man. In Bruce Lee, personality I knew how to face this world, be strong, be confident, be sincere, be brave, be idealistic , full of pride and dignity, smart and genius man, but still among of those strength, Bruce Lee was only a man. There was time when he felt nervous, painful and wounded. There was time when he was sad and lonely .

Bruce Lee was also a very good lover. I meant, in that film I could see that Bruce Lee chose Linda to be the one he loved, even though she was an American. And Bruce Lee was also very lucky since Linda Emery was a very good and loyal girlfriend and wife. She was very pretty and like Bruce Lee said in that film, she has eyes which talk to him something and he loved those eyes. I cried some of the time when I saw this film from episode to another episode. All the expressions and feelings mixed to become one and there were so many parts also that make me stronger to face this life.

There are so many things I am trying to say in this letter. But I think the place and time will not be enough. Shortly, I just wanna say I am so proud to have a chance to know the history of great people like Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell . And I thank to all the actors (played as Bruce Lee and friends) and actresses (Michelle Misty Lang and others) who played in this film so lively. Thank you

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