So what can you
possibly do as a Seattle tourist?

"As a Seattle tourist!?"

My wife about threw me out of the car when I asked her that question. You see, she is from Seattle and before I came to check it out, I had the "no place is better than California" mentality because that is where I grew up.

Well, little did I know then that Seattle would soon become one of our favorite places to visit and we'd soon be dragging our kids out here so they would get hooked on all the cool things there are to do here.

Seattle is a great city in a great area because there is so much to do and no matter what you like to do, you can find it here.

The reason we love it so much here, though, is because there is so much to do as a family. Whether you prefer the outdoors, museums, sporting events, good food, or a combination of all of the above, you're sure to find it in Seattle.

We put this site together as a way to show you what our family enjoys doing as Seattle tourists, and maybe we can give you some good ideas about some cool things to do with your family the next time you're lucky enough to visit this part of the beautiful northwest.

(And hopefully if you fall in love with the place, you'll want to find And hopefully if you fall in love with the place, you'll want to find a Seattle condo, homes, houseboats, and lofts for sale and stick around a while!)

A gorgeous view of the Seattle area skyline.

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The Seattle Tourist Office - A waste of time unless you truly have to go.
There is no such thing as a Seattle tourist office. But who says you even need one when you've got this? Plus, don't waste your time for Seattle tourist information while there. Go play instead!
Seattle Festivals - A great way to spend the day with the family
Seattle festivals are an extremely popular activity for tourists, as well as for those native to the area. Here are some great ones you don't want to miss.
The best Seattle attractions for your family
There are a ton of things to do in Seattle, and here is a list of Seattle attractions that you won't want to miss.
Seattle nightlife as a family
When someone mentions Seattle nightlife, places like bars and nightclubs are usually the first thing to come to mind. But there are some fun things you can do as a family at night.
Seattle pop culture icons are everywhere in Seattle.
Seattle pop culture is well known throughout the United States and when you go visit with your family, you're definitely not going to want to miss some great culture sites in and around Seattle.
Seattle museums are a fun place to take the family
There are a ton of cool museums in and around Seattle. Some are better than others, depending on what you're interested in but in general, the Seattle museums are great.
Alki beach in Seattle is probably my favorite place to visit there.
One thing about Seattle is that there is a lot of shoreline. If I had to choose, however, I would say that Alki beach in Seattle is my favorite place to hang out.
The Fremont area of Seattle is a must-see on your next trip to the Northwest.
There are a lot of great places around Seattle to visit, but one of the more intersting places is the Fremont area of Seattle.
Pioneer Square in Seattle
If you're interested in visiting a unique area of Seattle, be sure to head over to Pioneer Square in Seattle and get a taste of where it all began.
Seattle restaurants will definitely take you back home a few sizes bigger.
There are a ton of Seattle restaurants that are particular to the region and especially if you love good seafood, you'll love the food.
Transportation in Seattle can help you get where you want to go
One of the nice things about Seattle is that there are a lot of ways to get around. Here are some ways to use the various modes of transportation in Seattle to get where you need to go.
Here is some information on some downtown Seattle hotels
A big part of making your visit to Seattle really great is staying in a good hotel. There are a ton of great downtown Seattle hotels for you to choose from.
Discounts on Seattle tourist attractions through a variety of programs.
There are a lot of great deals out there to be had before you visit Seattle. Here are some ways to find great deals on the Seattle tourist attractions you'll surely want to visit.
Save Money as a Seattle Washington Tourist
Looking for ways to save money as a Seattle Washington tourist? Here are some tips that can help.
Concert ticket in Seattle: Finding the best place to buy them
Seattle is one of the best places to see a concert. If you're in the area, here's how to find that concert ticket in Seattle.
Seattle weather: Know what to expect before you go
A lot of people love Seattle but aren't very fond of the weather in Seattle. However, I for one think that Seattle weather is great. Here are some things to expect when you go visit.
Check out Seattle parks for some good views and fun for the family
One of the best things about Seattle is the greenery. Visiting some of the many Seattle parks is a great way to see some awesome views and relax a little with the family.
Seattle area sports are perfect for your next trip to the Pacific Northwest
You already know that there are a ton of outdoor activities to do in Seattle, but did you realize that there are a ton of Seattle area sports perfect for any member of the family?
Golf and Seattle: Nothing goes together better.
Seattle area golf is as great as it's ever been and only getting better. Here are some reasons why golf and Seattle go so great together.
Seattle sightseeing in the great outdoors
Seattle has a bunch of attractions that are perfect for most tourists. However, many people visit Seattle to see the beautiful scenery. Here are some Seattle sightseeing ideas.
Seattle Web Cams - Get a taste of your next vacation before you arrive!
Can't wait to see what awaits you in Seattle? Check out one of many Seattle web cams that will give you a hint of what you can expect on your next trip.
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