What is Seattle weather like?

Seattle weather can be the most beautiful on the planet but it can be hard sometimes for those who aren't used to cloudy skies and drizzly rain.

Whenever you visit Seattle, one thing you need to keep in mind is what the weather will be like while you're there. When most people who haven't been to Seattle think of the weather, they automatically think of rain, rain, and more rain.

However, while it does rain a lot, there are some times when Seattle weather is gorgeous and it's those moments especially when we don't mind a little rain and wetness the other times.

Usually the warmest month out of the year is July, but June through August are especially good months to be there because there is maximum sunshine but it's not too hot and not too much rain.

But even if you decide to go to Seattle during one of the other months, the weather might be a little wetter but it's still good enough for visiting. (Although my wife was just there this past December and there was a bad snowstorm, so watch out for those during December.) Just make sure you prepare for the weather in Seattle if it's going to be rainy.

Here is a little table with average temperatures for the year to kind of give you a rough idea of what to expect while you're in Seattle.

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip Record High Record Low
Jan 47°F 36°F 41°F 5.24 in. 64°F (1981) 16°F (1980)
Feb 51°F 37°F 44°F 4.09 in. 70°F (1986) 11°F (1989)
Mar 55°F 39°F 47°F 3.92 in. 74°F (1995) 23°F (1989)
Apr 59°F 43°F 51°F 2.75 in. 85°F (1976) 32°F (1997)
May 65°F 48°F 57°F 2.03 in. 88°F (1973) 38°F (1996)
Jun 70°F 53°F 61°F 1.55 in. 93°F (1995) 42°F (1991)
Jul 75°F 56°F 66°F 0.93 in. 96°F (1991) 47°F (1979)
Aug 75°F 57°F 66°F 1.16 in. 94°F (1996) 48°F (1980)
Sep 70°F 53°F 61°F 1.61 in. 91°F (1988) 41°F (1985)
Oct 60°F 46°F 53°F 3.24 in. 82°F (1991) 31°F (1991)
Nov 52°F 40°F 46°F 5.67 in. 71°F (1980) 13°F (1985)
Dec 47°F 36°F 41°F 6.06 in. 65°F (1980) 12°F (1983)

So while the weather can be at both extremes, it stays fairly temperate the whole year. And while it does rain, it's not a torrential rain, but more of a drizzle and it makes the whole area a fabulous shade of green that will make you never want to leave.

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