Outdoor Seattle Sightseeing

The Pacific Northwest is famous for sightseeing. However, Seattle sightseeing is especially fun for outdoor enthusiasts because of the many beautiful locations.

When I lived in California, it was mostly desert. I could go out of my house and see for miles and miles all around because the landscape was so flat and there was almost no greenery.

However, when I went to Seattle with my wife, the first I noticed was all the trees. I can say that I almost felt claustrophobic! I have a bad sense of direction as it is, but surrounded by all the vegetation made me really disoriented.

However, I soon fell in love with all the greenery and fresh air. It's a truly amazing place because not only is the city of Seattle surrounded by trees and vegetation, but there are a bunch of places outside the city itself that are great for sightseeing, whether you're going to be using a car or you'd rather go mountain biking in Seattle.

Playing in the Washington Peninsula

So what can you see? Well, interested in water falls? Snoqualmie Falls in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the northwest.

What about the forest? Make sure you check out Olympic National Forest on the Washington Peninsula. Very awesome.

Like the water? Make sure you check out kayaking in Seattle. This can be a cool adventure for you and your kids.

Want to see some very cool wildlife you won't see anywhere else? Plan a Seattle to Alaska cruise or a one-of-a-kind whale watching in Seattle.

What about fields and fields of flowers, specifically tulips? Well, then you don't want to miss an opportunity to head out to Skagit Valley and its famous tulip festival.

All in all, there are some incredible sightseeing trips you'll want to plan while you're visiting the Seattle area.

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