Visiting Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass, the most frequently traveled gateway to Eastern Washington, is an area that is full of unique opportunities for activity.

The Seattle area is surrounded by mountains, the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east, and in all of the mountains recreational opportunities abound. Less than an hour from Seattle and right off I-90 the activities at Snoqualmie Pass are convenient, even if you can only have time for a day trip.

The activities and experiences available to visitors to Snoqualmie Pass are dependent on the time of year you happen to be there. But whether you’re there in winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to do, nice places to stay, and wonderful food to eat.

In the winter the highlight of activity at Snoqualmie Falls is skiing. The Summit at Snoqualmie offers fabulous lifts for skiers and snowboarders from about October through March.

They even have lights so the fun doesn’t have to end early on those short winter days. There are also ski parks for the kids and a pipe for snowboarders to practice their tricks. The Summit also offers other snow activities including tubing, Nordic skiing and tubing.

Spending a day on the mountain can be challenging when you’ve got skiers and snowboarders of varying abilities, but at the Summit you can sign the kids up for a lesson, go hit the slopes yourself for awhile and check in on them every time you come down the mountain.

If you find yourself visiting Snoqualmie Pass in the spring you’ll be stunned by the glorious sunny days that mark springtime in the Pacific Northwest. Once the snow has melted you can hike the trails around Snoqualmie with the crisp, clean smell of winter in the air.

Alpine streams run clear and cold; the buds are just appearing on the maple trees; and the robins have recently returned. Springtime can still be quite cold at Snoqualmie Falls so you’ll want somewhere to warm up after your hike through the mountains.

The Salish Lodge in the town of Snoqualmie is perfect. Overlooking beautiful Snoqualmie Falls at the Salish Lodge you can have a wonderful gourmet meal in a warm and cozy environment. In the spring the falls are positively spectacular.

The height of summer offers a completely different experience at Snoqualmie Falls. The lively enthusiasm of springtime has calmed a bit and you can bask in the warmth of the sun at the top of the mountains. For this nothing is better than a visit to one of the many lakes found near Snoqualmie. Lake Easton and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness provide camping, boating and swimming in the summertime.

Autumn in the Cascades is spectacular. Those maple trees that were first showing their buds in spring now go out for the winter with a flourish The foliage puts on a phenomenal display of colors that you’ll appreciate whether you are hiking on the trails or driving around on the backroads. The best way to appreciate the trees, though, is on a bike. In the fall, mountain bikers flock to the area for great rides full of fabulous scenery.

Though lodging isn’t available right at the summit, there are many options for lodging. The Salish Lodge provides beautiful, luxury accommodations, along with an indulgent spa. Vacation rentals that can sleep the whole family can also be found at a fairly decent rate.

Whatever time of year you find yourself visiting Snoqualmie Pass, you won’t be disappointed.

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