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If you don't live in Seattle and are looking to get some Seattle tourist info for the city before your trip there, you might be interested in checking out some of the news sources out there that can give you an idea of what the city is like.

In order for you to get a good feel for the city and some of the awesome things there are to do in and around the city, I've put together this news feed that not only pulls relevant news articles about Seattle from the Google and Bing search engines, but allows you to also search on news about anything, from things that are happening right to things that happened years ago.

Not only that, I've provided a space below where you can add your very own Seattle tourist info

The news provided will definitely give you a view on both the good and not so good of the city, but will hopefully excite you as you prepare for your Seattle tourist adventure.

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Seattle Tourist Info from Google


Seattle Tourist Info from Bing

More Local News

These aren't the only sources of news. If you're interested in reading some local new, be sure to check out the page on Seattle Newspapers.

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