Listing of some popular Seattle newspapers

Seattle newspapers are a great resource you can use when planning your trip to the Northwest. Oftentimes you can find some out-of-the-way places to eat or some lesser-known attractions that can be a great addition to your trip.

So what are some of these newspapers? Well, the most popular newspaper by far in the region is the Seattle Times.

One of the reasons I like this newspaper, especially for visiting the region, is that there is a great travel section (Pacific Northwest Magazine) that lists new things to do, some even that you may not have thought of.

So even though the Seattle Times is probably the most popular newspaper in Seattle, I think another newspaper is even better suited for Seattle tourists.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has (I feel, anyways) an even better travel section than the Seattle Times. It's got great local news with some really good suggestions on what travelers, tourists, and even locals can do in the city.

Another newspaper that has some cool suggestions for travelers to Seattle is NWsource. The travel section isn't really anything compared to the other two newspapers, but it does have some good ideas on new places to eat, for example.

One thing I do like about this newspaper, though, is that you can look at what's happening in the various Seattle neighborhoods.

These are probably the three best local Seattle-area newspapers. If I find anymore that I think would be beneficial, I'll be sure to add these in the future.

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