Want to do some whale watching in Seattle?

Whale watching in Seattle is one of the most unique and rare experiences that you can experience with your family while on vacation in the region.

Being out on the water and coming into contact (even at a distance) with these largest mammals can be an awe-inspiring experience.

By going whale watching in Seattle children and adults alike can appreciate the wonder of these animals and through them feel a true connection with nature.

The best opportunity to see whales can be found in and around the San Juan Islands, about an hour and a half north of Seattle. These islands are a wonderful destination area in themselves.

(On a side note, this is where we spent our anniversary and it is absolutely gorgeous!)

Planning a whale watching trip there could give you a great opportunity to explore the islands and stay over for a night in a nice hotel or in one of the cozy kid-friendly bed and breakfasts.

There are a number of ways you can experience the whales of the Puget Sound area.

Kayaking – For adventurous families there is no question that the most intimate way to connect with these great animals is to go out in a kayak.

In a small boat you can get close enough to the whales to get a true experience of their power and size. Though it is possible to get quite close to the animals while kayaking, wildlife regulations require that human beings remain at least 100 feet away from the whales.

Whale-Watching Boats – There are several companies that offer half-day excursions out on the water. Many of these companies offer whale-sighting guarantees, so there is no risk involved. On these excursions you’ll see whales, seals, sea otters, and sea birds and have a fun time out on the boat for the day. The best time of year to see the whales is between March and October. The companies that lead these expeditions post regular “whale-sightings” and stay aware of the location of the whales to ensure that their passengers are most likely to experience the whales.

In addition to whale tours many companies offer education about the whales’ habitat and behaviors. Both you and your children will enjoy learning little known facts about the orcas. These educational tours can also lead your children to a more respectful attitude towards wildlife and the preservation of their environments.

The scenery of the Puget Sound provides a wonderful backdrop for whale watching in Seattle. The San Juan Islands provide views of the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east. These mountains also help to protect the San Juan Islands from a bit of the rain that the Seattle area is so well-known for.

Educational, fun and adventurous, whale watching in Seattle could be the highlight of your trip to the Seattle area and will provide your family with a way to connect with the Seattle environment, unusual wildlife and each other.

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