Kayaking in Seattle

I bet kayaking in Seattle is something you haven't thought of doing on your trip to the Northeast.

Whether you are an experienced kayaker out in your own boat or a beginner in a guided tour, a kayak is a great way to get a different perspective of Seattle and the Puget Sound area.

Out on the water the hustle and bustle of the city fades away and you’re left with the sound of waves lapping, seabirds calling, and the peaceful silence of solitude.

Places to Go

If you decide to go kayaking in Seattle you have a number of options.

The Sound and Elliot Bay – Kayaking in the Puget Sound and Elliot Bay provides you with amazing views of the Seattle skyline. Take a sunset tour and you can be treated to the captivating sight of the sunset reflecting in the Seattle skyline.

Lake Washington – When kayaking in the fresh water of Lake Washington the verdant hillsides of the Seattle neighborhoods and the suburbs of Seattle provide the local scenery. On most days the awe-inspiring form of Mt. Rainier can be seen -- so large that it appears closer than it actually is.

Lake Union – Seattle’s “city” lake, Lake Union provides views of the Space Needle and the classic Seattle houseboats. If you want to get away but still feel a part of it all, Lake Union is the place to be.

The San Juan Islands – If you’re willing to drive a bit north you can kayak around the San Juan Islands. These islands are most noted for being the best place to view pods of Orca whales traveling through the Sound. (As a side note, this is where my wife and I spent our honeymoon, and we LOVED it there.)

There are plenty of other smaller lakes to visit (including Green Lake in the city of Seattle and Lake Sammamish on the eastside of Lake Washington) if you’d just like to get out on the lake with your boat.

If you’re just getting started in kayaking and you’d like to take the kids out with you there are many outfitters that can accommodate families with children. With a short orientation you and the kids can go out kayaking in Seattle for the day with a guide in a two or three person kayak. Kayaks like these are stable and safe and generally there is no age requirement, though children must weigh about 80 pounds.

Kayaking in Seattle is a great way for you and the kids to both enjoy the Seattle area. You can revel in the peaceful solitude you’ll find out on the water while the kids will enjoy searching for wildlife that they may have never seen before, while enjoying themselves splashing the water (something that all kids seem to love). Bald eagles, orca whales, seals and sea otters will enchant and amuse your children and give you an opportunity to teach your kids about respect for wildlife and their habitats.

The Seattle area has much to offer families with young children but Seattle kayaking allows families to get a perspective of the area that is unique and enchanting. Experienced kayakers will find that there is no shortage of challenging paddling opportunities and newcomers will feel comfortable being led by one of the many kayaking tour groups. Whether you are renting a boat and going it solo for the day or going on a tour with a guided group, kayaking in Seattle will be something everyone in the family will enjoy.

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