Alki Beach All Year Around

by Adam

We've got family in Seattle and so we often visit at different times of the year. Sometimes we'll be there during the winter break and celebrate Christmas in Seattle. Other times, we'll take the kids during summer vacation and head to Seattle so they can spend time with cousins and grandparents.

The thing I like about Alki Beach is that it seems so beautiful no matter what time of the year we visit. Granted, the ocean isn't as warm and clear as some of those beaches in Florida or Hawaii, but it's got its own special beach feel that is always there throughout the year.

During the summer it's obviously more crowded than during the winter, and it's fun to see all the people enjoying the summer days when it's nice and sunny. However, it's nice to visit during the fall and winter when it's not as crowded and you can just take a relaxing stroll along the water's edge, skipping rocks and looking for shells.

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