Hungry? Give the Alki Homestead a chance

The Alki Homestead, at first glance, might seem a little out of place. Seattle is known as one of the most techno-savvy places in the US.

But this is why the few holdouts that have resisted the wave of technology are so revered and the Homestead in West Seattle is one of these places. Housed in a 100 year old Douglas fir cabin right in the middle of one of Seattle’s trendiest neighborhoods, this unique restaurnat serves up good ol’ traditional American food, that’s sure to please even the pickiest eater.

What makes this restaurant feel like such a blast from the past? The first thing is the loving attention that is given to every detail. As you walk through the manicured yard and into the rustic cabin you see dining rooms with crisp pink table cloths and lace napkins. Antique lamps are on the end tables and china hutches display delicate dishes.

This kind of thoughtful consideration is the stuff of days gone by, rarely found in these 60-miles-an-hour-on-the-highway days.

And just as the décor is old-fashioned, so is the menu. The fare to be found at the Alki Homestead will remind you of the days when fat grams and calories went uncounted.

The Alki Homestead is most famous for its fried chicken – make sure someone in your party orders it. Food is served family style, so you can always share. Fried chicken isn’t the only part of the menu that will remind you of days gone by. Before the main course you’re served with biscuits (with jam and butter, of course,) a salad (not delicate baby greens, straight-up iceberg with carrots, or even Jello salad!), and warm, comforting soup.

The best thing about the Homestead restaurant is that there you’ll find food that your kids will actually eat! Who of us hasn’t had the experience of going out and treating the family to dinner, only to find that the little finicky eater doesn’t like anything on the menu? The meat-and-potatoes menu is the comfort food that everyone likes.

You can eat here fairly affordably. Entrees will cost between $8 and $12 and portions are substantial. There is no bar, though they do serve cocktails, beer and wine.

They’re open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, and for brunch Saturday and Sunday. They’re closed Monday and Tuesday. It’s location just a block away from Alki beach at 2717 61st Ave. SW, and it's a great way to end a nice day at the beach.

Be ready to spend some time, though, the pace of life was slower back in the day, and you’ll want to savor the time you spend at the Alki Homestead. It’s not a quick in and out kind of place.

Everything about the Alki Homestead will remind you of Grandma’s house – which is a real treat, especially for those of us whose grandmothers aren’t the indulgent, home-cooking type.

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