Discount Seattle Motels:
A great way to stay in the city for less

Let's be honest... discount Seattle motels nice enough for your family to stay in aren't the easiest things to find. Downtown Seattle and Bellevue are known for their high-end hotels and nice (i.e. expensive) places to stay.

But what if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a hotel room? If you're going with your family, you're probably not going to be spending a lot of time inside and so you might just want a place to get a decent sleep at the end of the night. What kind of options do you have in that case?

Discount Seattle Motels
Well, believe it or not, there are some choices you have when looking for a cheaper place to stay. The big difference is that the cheaper hotel (obviously) won't have as many amenities as some of the other nicer hotels. Also, you might have to sacrifice location just a little bit if you want a cheaper room for the night.

This shouldn't pose too much of a problem, though, because if you're renting a car in Seattle, you'll be able to get where you need to go regardless.

Discount Seattle Motels

Who needs to sleep?
So if you're willing to give up a few things, then you might want to consider some lower budget hotels. When I was growing up, we always stayed in these types of hotels and they were always worked out great for us. We just thought it was cool to be on vacation and sleeping in a hotel. And now my kids are the same way. Why spend more money than you need to just for a place to spend a few hours sleeping before starting a new adventure the next day?

The best place to find a list of hotels that fit your budget, desired location, and anything else you want is I've used them in the past and I will continue to use them because it's so easy to find exactly what I want in a hotel. Use the form below and you'll be able to customize the search any way you want. I doubt you'll be disappointed in the discount Seattle motels you'll have to choose from.

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