Check out the Great Wall Shopping Center

So the Great Wall Shopping Center in Kent, Washington, is one of the better places you'll find near Seattle to buy Asian-type products.

The shopping center is a relatively small building with about 10 shops inside, one of them being a good-sized grocery store.

There are a couple of bookstores, a video store or two, and some other clothing stores.

Last time we were there, we also saw a small toy store, which of course the kids were drawn to immediately. I mean, c'mon, toys? They saw the store before we knew it was even there.

It's not a great place, but if you're interested in buying Chinese movies or books, it's a place worth checking out.

The Great Wall Shopping Center

The address of the Shopping Centre is:

18230 East Valley Highway
Kent, WA

There are also a couple of restaurants in the shopping mall and around the area as well, so if you're hungry, and in the mood for some ethnic food, it could be a great place to stop.

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