Pike Place Market - You haven't been to Seattle until you've been here

So, if you've never taken your family to Pike Place Market, you're missing out on one of the coolest places to see in Seattle.

Pike Place is an outdoor strip of shops that sell all sorts of cool things, from flowers to fish to various Seattle-made products.

There are also a ton of different places to eat with some great selections to choose from.

It's always crowded but that's half the fun of walking down the strip.

Every time we've gone we've seen different things and people, and even the kids love to see everything that's happening.

(Last time we went, a bunch of Sprite representatives were passing out some free cans of soda, and our boys thought they had died and gone to heaven!)

You can buy all sorts of flowers at Pike Place

Another common site is people playing music or putting on some sort of performance.

Street performance at Pike Place

On the other hand, my wife's favorite thing to do there is take pictures of all the colorful produce and flowers there. It's really amazing to see these bright colors all together, and the prices are pretty reasonable. I always buy a box of Washington cherries when we're there (They're amazing!)

Fruit and vegetables at Pike Place

But... the single coolest thing to do at Pike Place Market (besides eat at one of the fabulous little shops) is to see the people selling fish. There are a few different fish stands but one in particular is well-known for actually throwing the fish to the people who buy them.

Fish at Pike Place Market

This fish stand is located just under the big Public Market sign and you won't miss the big crowd gathered around waiting for someone to buy a fish so they can see it go flying through the air.

Sometimes the crowd gets so big waiting for someone to buy a fish that the guys selling (and throwing) the fish get impatient and urge people to buy.

YOU might have to step up and buy something just to see some fish-flying action.

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