Spend a day (or ten)
at the Seattle Boat Show

The Seattle Boat Show is one of the most exceptional events you can find during the winter in Seattle.

There is an indoor component at the Qwest Field Event Center just south of downtown Seattle. You can also see the boats in their natural habitats on South Lake Union, near the Space Needle. To make viewing the boats easier a shuttle runs between the two different locations.

If you’ve never taken your kids to a boat show before, you’re really missing out. Even if your family is not full of boating enthusiasts, the kids will love seeing the boats, climbing up on them and pretending they’re sailing out on the open seas. The show will easily provide a full day’s worth of entertainment.

The Washington Boat Show provides some of the same entertainment and fun that you’ll find at other boat shows in the country. You can buy tickets to win raffles for dreamboats and shopping sprees. You can see some of the latest innovations in boating. And you can find out how feasible it might be for your family to own a boat. With all of the different water options in and around Seattle, many families find that owning a boat is the perfect way for their family to find summer entertainment.

The boat show in Seattle also offers seminars and courses on boating. You can learn all about sailboats, speedboats, even kayaks. The different water options are also discussed. Learn how to cruise to Alaska or around the San Juan Islands. With the rich wildlife and environmental opportunities in the Puget Sound area there is no shortage of topics to be covered in the Washington Boat Show seminars.

Seminars also cover topics on fishing and crabbing in the Puget Sound. Learn how to catch your dinner, and have a ton of fun in the process.

As with all shows of this type, as you tour the show vendors offer free giveaways, so you’re sure to leave with a bag full of goodies. You’ll see over 1000 watercraft, 200 of them down on the water of Lake Union.

Tickets are quite affordable (about $10 for adults) and kids under 10 are free – a bargain for an entire day’s entertainment.

The Seattle Boat Show is held on ten days around the end of January, early February each year. Attending on a particularly dreary winter day can help both you and your family remember that one day summer will come again. And maybe when it does come, you’ll find yourselves out on the water in a new boat – that you found at the Seattle Boat Show.

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