Seattle Bug Zoo
Time to get your bug on!

Ever since Brian Rolf opened the Seattle Bug Zoo in 2006, people of all ages have come to see all kinds of exotic creepy crawlers on display.

The arthropod zoo, located near Pike Place Market offers everything from cockroaches to scorpions to spiders.

Have you ever seen a Goliath Bird-Eater Tarantula? Now's your chance.

So, what'll you find at the Seattle Bug Zoo (besides bugs, of course)? When you first go in, you'll see the gift shop, which by itself is pretty impressive and a great place to buy any bug-related gifts for those bug lovers in your family. If you didn't know any better, you might think that the gift shop is all there is to the place, but there is an actual laboratory/display area in the back where the real fun begins.

This area, inspected regularly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is open for tours for the public, as well as offering a place for school groups to come on field trips. The Seattle Bug Safari is also a great place to host private parties and birthday parties. Yeah, if you've got some kids that love bugs (and who doesn't?), skip the jumpy bouncy gym that everyone does, and go instead to the bug zoo.

The Seattle Bug Zoo is open nearly everyday and you can either wander around on your own or, for the best option, take a scheduled tour with the owner who can give you some great insight and information on all the bugs you see. The zoo is closed to the public during field tips, though, so make sure you call ahead and get the schedule.

Visiting the Seattle Bug Zoo

If you're interested, here's the info:

1501 Western Ave, Suite 304
(In the Market Hillclimb)
Ph.#: 206-285-2847

The zoo part of the Seattle Bug Safari does cost money, but if you've got the Go Seattle Card, it's included with all of the other Seattle attractions you get, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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