Havin' a Paranormal Party at
the Seattle Museum of Mystery

While the Seattle Museum of Mystery might not be everyone's idea of a fun time, for those of you interested in the paranormal and slightly weird, you might consider stopping by.

Located downstairs in a basement in the Capitol Hill area, the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries might be a bit underwhelming for those expecting a huge museum with tons of exhibits. In fact, there are hardly any exhibits at all (besides the replica Bigfoot at the bottom of the stairs), but what the museum lacks in presentation, it more than makes up for it in terms of the varied information it offers.

There are tons of books on all sorts of paranormal phenomena with something for everyone, including ghost stories, photos of ghost apparitions at different Seattle locales, and information on UFOs, including the first official UFO sighting near Mt. Rainier in July 1974 by Kenneth Arnold.

The museum opened in 2004 and is run entirely by volunteers who don't try to push any doctrine or philosophy, but rather have as their goal to just help inspire visitors' sense of wonder about what could be. They welcome school groups and love to share their interests with anyone who would like to learn more. Because it is run by volunteers, the hours can vary, so it's best to call before you go.

Here's the contact information for the museum:

623 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

In addition to all the books on the paranormal and out of the ordinary, Washington state's only paranormal science museum also has information on Bigfoot, such as maps of Bigfoot sightings, replicas of casts, and pictures. Speaking of pictures, the Seattle Museum of Mystery also has rare and never-before-seen photos of Bruce Lee and a historic photo of President Barack Obama's first house in Seattle.

If you're braver than most, you are also invited to take one of the Capitol Hill ghost tours that they offer, but depending on the age and disposition of your kids, it might not be the best family activity!

Admission to the museum is pretty cheap, but if you have the Go Seattle Card, you can get in free, not to mention included admission to a ton of other tourist attractions.

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