Why I love Seattle traffic

Would you believe it if I said that I don't mind the Seattle traffic? Call me crazy but it's true.

Is the traffic in Seattle bad? Yeah, I'd say it is. Ask any of the locals that have to travel into the city and they might use some stronger words to describe it (I'll leave those to your own imagination).

Well, you know what? I've been in "bad" traffic all over. You've got the nasty bridge traffic heading into New York, the "what-were-they-thinking-when-they-built-this-freeway" mess in L.A., and the beltway(s) circling around Washington, DC. All of the them are bad. I mean, some of the worst traffic I've ever seen has been in the Salt Lake luge of a freeway during a horrible blizzard. Don't want to try that again!

So, anyway, back to Seattle's traffic. Yeah, it can be bad but when you're a tourist there, traffic can be a lot easier to deal with. Why? Well, think about it. At least you don't have to drive in it every day to go to work or school! Plus, think of it this way... Sitting in traffic helps you get a feel for the culture of the local area... Yeah, that's it!

A view of some Seattle traffic - See, it's not that bad.

No, but really, there are some reasons why I don't think Seattle traffic is as bad (at least while you're a tourist there):

1. Seattle drivers are nicer than drivers from other parts of the country. (Must be something to do with all that caffeine.)

2. You're going to be trapped with your family, so it can't be all that bad, right?

3. My kids love rental cars, so hanging out in traffic in the "race car" we got from the rental car agency makes their day. (Let's not talk about what this says about how they feel for our own car...)

4. Where else are you going to see drivers playing their harmonica while stuck in their cars on the freeway? (True story, by the way. You think maneuvering traffic as your putting make-up on while having a conference call in between mouthfuls of sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit is hard, try doing that while playing a musical instrument.)

5. No matter how bad the traffic, sitting in your own car listening to your own music is a lot better than sitting in traffic and listening to other people's music on the bus. I'm all for public transportation, but last time I was on the bus, a fight almost broke out between a couple of real winners at one of the stops in Kenmore. Don't need that.

So next time you're vacationing in the area, repress the urge to cuss out the Seattle traffic around you, and think of all the reasons to love the traffic. Then turn up the music and have a singing contest with the kids. They'll love it and it just might keep you from going crazy.

(Plus, maybe the harmonica-playing dude will see you and think you're the weird one!)

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