The Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is the focus of the underwater world of the Puget Sound. Your kids will love walking around looking at the different exhibits and learning about the unique wildlife that can be found in the Puget Sound.

The Seattle Aquarium is located at Pier 59 in Elliot Bay in downtown Seattle. There’s never been a better time to visit the aquarium because in June, 2007 the aquarium opened its most recent expansion which added 18,000 square feet, a new entrance and an exhibit hall.

This new hall is a three story, light-filled space that boasts interactive exhibits, artwork of sea-life, and environmental education displays on Puget Sound ecosystems.

In addition to this new space some of the more established exhibits will charm and amuse both you and your kids.

Marine mammals – The sea otters, harbor seals and fur seals are cute and captivating. At the aquarium in Seattle you can watch these entertaining mammals above the surface, sunning themselves on the rocks or from below in the marine mammal underwater viewing area. After viewing the animals from these two different perspectives, your kids are certain to be playing sea otter games of their own.

The Underwater Dome – One of the aquarium’s largest exhibits, the Underwater Dome provides a 360 degree view into a 400,000 gallon tank filled with a variety of fish. The fish in this aquarium are mostly species that are found locally in the Puget Sound area. The highlight of this exhibit comes when scuba divers give a talk and feed the fish (at 1:30 daily).

Ocean Oddities – This exhibit features some of the most unusual species of the underwater world. Unique creatures like Potbellied Seahorses, Flashlight Fish, and Cowfish will mesmerize and amaze your little ones.

Though the aquarium is not as spectacular as aquariums in some other cities, it is well worth a visit. Its modest size means it is not overwhelming and ensures that it remains kid-friendly.

You’ll be able to see all it has to offer and still have time to visit the IMAX theater right next door. At $15 per adult and $10 per child a visit to the Seattle, WA Aquarium is affordable for the whole family.

The marine residents of the Seattle Aquarium, in combination with your child’s enthusiastic imagination, will easily combine to create a wonderful, fun-filled day.

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