Log Boom Park in Kenmore - What a Relief!

by Greg

We had been travelling all around Seattle doing all the tourist things on our latest trip to Seattle and by the time the third day had come around, the kids were tired.

We'd been to the Science Museum, Pike Place, and countless other places and when that third day rolled around, everyone just kind of wanted to sit back and relax. However, we didn't want to spend the day inside, as it was a beautiful July day and being in Seattle, you don't want to waste even one sunny day.

So we went to visit some friends in Kenmore who decided to take us to Log Boom Park.

What a nice day at a great little park!

We took a picnic and just kind of hung out and talked with our friends while the kids played for a long time on the playground. We then decided to walk along the dock, which the kids thought was really fun, especially watching everyone on the lake. We'll be sure to keep this park in mind next time we're in the area.

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