Log Boom Park in Kenmore

In terms of Seattle parks, Log Boom Park in Kenmore overall is a nice place to take the kids during lunch, or a decent place to take a break from all your running around.

Located right on the northern shores of Lake Washington, Log Boom Park is unbelievably the home of a famous incident.

This particular incident involved my wife actually :)

One of the cool things about this park is that it has a public pier where anyone (obviously, since it's public) can walk out on and enjoy the view of the lake.

Well, when she was young, she was at the pier with her family and decided it would be fun to skip backwards on the dock.

You've got to know that anytime you mix skipping backwards with a dock thrown in, something bad is going to happen.

Well in this case, something did.

Little did she know that the end of the dock was closer than she thought, and she skipped right off the edge!

Supposedly her uncles were laughing so hard that it took a while before anyone realized that they should probably pull her out. Luckily, she knew how to tread water somewhat.

(Yet another reason for parents to teach their kids how to swim. You never know when little Bobby is going to skip right over the edge of the dock at Log Book Park in Seattle, and you'll be rolling over with laughter way too much to help him out of the water.)

So make sure you watch your kids when heading out to the pier!

In addition to the pier, Log Boom Park in Kenmore offers places for fishing, bird watching (how could anyone not love watching baby ducklings!), and of course a playground for the kids. Speaking of baby ducklings, last time we were in Seattle we went over to Bellevue City Park and had a wonderful time looking at the baby ducklings.

Log Boom Park Playground

Everyone knows what the typical park playground looks like. A couple of rusted swing sets that are too high for little kids to get on by themselves, let alone hold on without falling off.

A slide that has seen better days, connected to a jungle gym of sorts with that tic-tac-toe thing on the wall, and a wheel randomly connected to the other wall.

That's all fine and good, but this can get a bit stale after a while and even kids can get bored playing on the same type of equipment all of the time.

Luckily, the playground at Log Boom Park is different. It's small, don't get me wrong, but the thing that makes it stand out above other typical playgrounds is that the equipment isn't your normal playground equipment with the slide, swingset and monkey bars.

This equipment is different.

In fact, I had never seen anything quite like this type of playground equipment before.

The playground is full of climbing-type equipment: a climbing rope, a climbing wall, climbing bars and it's a perfect playground for those kids that love to -- what else -- climb.

And if you're not careful, even you might find yourself climbing all over the equipment, chasing after your kids in a game of tag that they won't forget for a long, long time. Log Boom Park in Kenmore What is also nice about the playground, and the park in general, is that there are picnic tables really close to the playground, along with a rather nice restroom and even working (yeah!) water fountains.

Now there's no need to wonder if your kids are OK at the playground while your resting. You can easily keep an eye on them while you read, knit, play on your smartphone, or even sleep (with one eye open, of course).

And if you're not interested in the playground?

Well, Log Boom Park in Kenmore is not only a great place to launch kayaks on Lake Washington, but it is also home to the northern terminus of the Burke-Gilman bike trail. It makes a great stopping point or meetup location for anyone riding around Lake Washington.

You can find the park at the following address:

61st Ave NE & NE 175th St
Kenmore, WA 98028

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With a good-sized parking lot and room to enjoy an afternoon while enjoying the wonderful outdoors that can only be found in Seattle.

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