Love the Seattle Seahawks?
Get your fix with a Qwest Stadium Tour

If you've ever thought about going on a Qwest Stadium tour, there's no time like the next time you're in Seattle.

Whether you are a Seattle Seahawks fanatic, a general fan of NFL football, or even just love architecture, taking a tour of the home of the the NFL Seattle Seahawks and the MLS Seattle Sounders can be a great activity for the whole family.

History of Qwest Stadium
For those who might not be up-to-date on their Seattle Seahawks history, they used to play in the a stadium called the Kingdome, along with the Seattle Mariners and a bunch of other sports teams. Well, after playing for over twenty years there, the Seahawks were finally ready for a new stadium, and in 2000, the Kingdome was on the receiving end of the world's largest implosion of a single concrete structure.

(It's a great video, by the way. Take 20 seconds to watch it. It's amazing.)

So, anyway, the new Qwest Stadium was finally finished in 2002 and I must say that I haven't found too many people that miss the Kingdome now that they've been inside Qwest Stadium. It's a fabulous stadium.

I mean, what's not to like? Great view of the skyline... sideline and endzone seating within 50 feet of the playing field... 67,000+ seating... and architecture making it one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.

Yeah, one of the loudest.

This was actually done on purpose in the design. The roof was designed to reflect the sound of the fans back onto the field and metal seats were installed in part of the stadium so that the fans could stomp their feet and basically cause the opposing team to get confused and not be able to hear what's going on.

Qwest Stadium Tour
So now that you've had a little history lesson on Qwest Field, time to look into taking a tour of the place. Taking a tour is a great way to check out some of the features of the stadium that aren't usually open to the public.

I mean, hey, there's nothing quite like sitting in a luxury suite, going to the visitor's locker room, and (the best part) walking on the field. The tour lasts about an hour and a half and is wheelchair accessible, but there are some great guides that can lead the tours, so the time will just fly by.

A view of Qwest Stadium

Of course, you can't take the Qwest stadium tour on game day, but September through May the tours start at 12:30 and 2:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, while June through August the tours are everyday at the same time.

You can either buy tickets at the Seahawk pro shop on the west side of the stadium or, even easier, you can get the Go Seattle Card and get the Qwest Field Tour along with a bunch of other attractions included. It's a pretty sweet deal.

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