Seattle Center Winterfest
Enjoy the Holidays in Seattle

The Seattle Center Winterfest is just one of the many festivals that are hosted throughout the year at the famous Seattle Center.

Home of some of Seattle's most well-known landmarks, including the Seattle Space Needle, Key Arena, and the International Fountain just to name a few, the Seattle Center has long been a place where people of the region have gathered to celebrate a good time.

Winterfest at the Seattle Center is no different.

As the premier winter festival in the northwest, Winterfest usually starts the first day after Thanksgiving and lasts roughly five weeks until the first day or two of January. Not merely just a simple festival, Winterfest Seattle is a celebration of everything great about winter.

Not only are there concerts and performances (which is a hallmark of every winter-type festival) but movies, student shows, and stories abound to provide a truly winter festival worthy of the Seattle Center environment.

What I love the most about the Seattle Winterfest are the culture presentations. Experiencing everything from master puppeteers to acrobats to ice sculpting to any and all kinds of music is great for everybody, and kids especially (and those kids at heart) will really be able to feel the magic of winter.

Miniature Train Village
One of the most anticipated displays/events of the whole festival is the miniature train and village that has become something of a Winterfest icon. Located at the Center House, the village (a stunning replication of the 1800s includes a bunch of trains running on various tracks, and a whole slew of lights.

Even though the layout of the trains usually changes every year, a mini replica of the King Street Station in Seattle is an old standby that remains year after year.

Winterfest Ice Rink
No winter festival would be complete without an ice rink, and the Seattle Center Winterfest definitely does not disappoint.

The ice rink is located near the carousel at the Fisher Pavilion and are open every day during the festival. The carousel is usually only $1 per ride, while the ice skating costs a bit more (but is a bit cheaper if you bring your own skates). Make sure to bring cash, though, because it's much easier to pay with cash, and the ice rink doesn't accept credit card.

If you're in Seattle during the winter holidays, there are some great things to see, but one of the coolest things you can experience is the Seattle Center Winterfest. You'll experience the beauty of Seattle while also having a great time with your kids, all for a great price.


(And if you get bored watching your kids ice skating, bring your iPad. There's free wi-fi at the Seattle Center!)

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